Top 10 Video Game Heroes

I decided to take on the daunting task of composing the top ten video game heroes. From beloved protagonists to antiheroes, whose individuality and determination overshadow everyone else.

There are some truly famous characters in the gaming world, despite the fact that some players consider them less worthy than their villainous opponents. We fear for their lives, we sympathize with the losses and together we make our way to the final of the game. I selected a list of the top ten heroes, which was not easy because so many asked for it that it was just right to make a hundred of the best.

But instead of going the usual route, I chose ten characters whose personality and variety of games convinced me that they were worthy of this top.

10: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

We all know and love Sonic. Despite the fact that recent games have brought nothing but frustration to many, this does not apply to the hedgehog. We’ve been playing Sonic since childhood, and the classic Sonic is one of the nicest guys in video games. Together with his rustic humor and the biggest ego that the world has seen from a hedgehog, Sonic remains one of our eternal favorites.

He may act tough, but we know he is softer than he looks because he helps out helpless forest dwellers most of his time. Shadow could have been included in this list, but I was afraid that he would then become too egocentric.

9: Dante from “Devil May Cry”

Dante from "Devil May Cry"

An example of coolness, Dante is cold-blooded, funny, and even anti-hero in some way. In a sense, based on the character from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, he is a half-man, half-demon, filled to the brim with sarcasm. Dealing with his family troubles, the demon hunter and other evil spirits never miss the opportunity to show off or offend the enemy.

Having undergone many physical and mental changes throughout the series, he did not lose the spark that makes him the Dante we love. He may have grown up, changed his hairstyle and suit, but he remained the same lazy person who would not go into his pocket for a word. That’s why we adore it.

8: Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper

Everyone loves kind-hearted thieves. From Robin Hood to Catwoman, they rightfully take the place of some of the most popular characters. Take this classic type, add a little noir, more stealth, cute raccoon, and you have a Sly Cooper game. First appearing in 2002, Sly is today the latest in a line of thieves who steal only from other dishonest individuals. With the help of loyal companions and Vorus Enotus, a book written by his ancestors and containing the best advice on theft and penetration, Sly travels the world, borrowing valuable items from criminals. And thanks to his ingenuity, he is able to extricate himself from any trouble.+

7: Cereza from Bayonetta

Cereza from Bayonetta

Smart, confident, and one of the coolest witches in the world. A witch who cuts and shoots angels, and even knows how to transform, is one of my favorite heroes (or antiheroes, it all depends on the point of view) in modern games.

Ceresa has a difficult past that, like all well-written characters, influenced her character. She seems cold and unfeeling, which, in a way, is a fresh take on a female character. Being a Umbran witch is not easy, but she copes with it playfully. While she was criticized by many for being overly objectified, this is just one of the many reasons Ceresa made it onto this list. It just burns. Reminds the world that women can be strong too.

6: Jade from “Beyond Good and Evil”

Jade from "Beyond Good and Evil"

Jade is a photojournalist who has decided to save the orphans and expose the corruption in the government, which in itself makes her worthy of this top. She is kind, intelligent, and purposeful. With its help, we learned a story not only interesting for gamers but also filled with profound messages. Jade’s reluctance to give up what she thinks is right and her blatant selflessness might be a bit vanilla, but these qualities make her one of the most heroic characters in video game history.

5: Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite

Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite

I just had to add a private detective to the list, this character is no less famous and beloved than the master thief. Booker, unlike the previous protagonists of the series, is much more alive, which is expressed both in his agreement to save Elizabeth in payment of his gaming debts and in his dark past, with the echo of which he tries to fight. We witness how Booker tries to wash away the sins of the past life, to become better, and this gives us one of the most emotional stories of recent times.

4: Sora From Kingdom Hearts

Sora From Kingdom Hearts

Wielding the key sword, Sora is unlike most of the teenage characters we’re used to seeing in games. It’s unusual to see the constant grin on his face, and for a person caught in his situation, Sora holds up just fine. A loyal and courageous character, as expected from Disney, who, despite the seriousness of what is happening, does not lose heart. Honestly, I admire him just because he does not go crazy with the bedlam reigning around.

3: Big Boss from Metal Gear

Big Boss from Metal Gear

Solid Snake usually appears in the top charts of the best heroes, but I personally like Big Boss more. Yes, he made mistakes in his time, but it is unlikely that many people, fictional or real, would have better dealt with the circumstances in which this character fell. He brought his vision of a beautiful world to life, and if that meant creating Outer Haven or helping to find patriots, so be it.

None of the characters in the Metal Gear series have had an easy fate, but Big Boss can clearly give shape to his son. That only is his final meeting with the Boss, the fact that his genetic code was used without his knowledge for the Les Enfants Terribles project, and unbearable, consuming guilt for everything he did.

2: Geralt of Rivia

Geralt of Rivia

Geralt, who kills monsters for money, is one of the last surviving witchers, who underwent mutations in childhood and became a supernatural killing machine. It takes time to feel feelings for such a hero. Before that, he seems rude and unemotional. Then it becomes clear that this hero is able to show kindness to monsters who do not leave behind death and devastation, or intolerance to people who yearn for power and wealth at the expense of others.

Although many of his decisions are made by the player himself, Geralt’s personality continues to overlook any style of play – he cares about his friends and quite clearly despises cruelty and selfishness. Under all these glands, it is very soft, in fact.

1: Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII

Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII

The hero of one of the most popular parts of the Final Fantasy series, Squall is worthy of his own novel in the genre of young adult. He grew up in an orphanage, from where he was taken by the SeeD mercenaries to raise as their own. As the game progresses, Squall changes, from a sullen, withdrawn loner into something completely different under the influence of other characters.

His voice has a lack of self-confidence and fear of being alone, so he continues to treat people with coldness and indifference, which changes as the game progresses. Considering him as an anti-hero, players often doubt whether they like Squall or not, but he rightfully takes the first place on this list, because he walked the path of development of his personality with dignity.

Would you choose them for your personal top ten? If not, which hero would be removed and which would be added?

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