The Most Unexpected Events In fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games. Unexpected events keep players coming back to the game.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games played by over 350 million people. The reason for this huge success is the constant updates and events that bring fans back to the game. It is constantly changing, pleasantly surprising the players.

Each new season is intriguing: what else are the developers at Epic Games up to? By far the most unexpected events are real-time events. Here are 10 of the most unexpected Fortnite events.

Impact Of The “Kevin” Cube On Lake Loot

Kevin cube on Lake Loot

In Season 5, a mysterious purple cube emerged from a crack in the sky. Players who jumped onto the cube were thrown back. The cube was named Kevin. He moved with an interval of 1 hour 43 minutes. Kevin moved all over the map, and the players could not figure out where he would be.

At the end of the season, Kevin drowned in Loot Lake, causing it to turn into a purple trampoline. The location attracted the attention of many players and remained very popular until it was removed.

Journey to Winter Wonderland

Journey to Winter Wonderland

Towards the end of Season 6, players discovered an iceberg approaching the island. The collision occurred simultaneously with the beginning of the 7th season, as a result of which new locations appeared on the map: Arctic airfield, Polar Peak, and Holiday Village. Few suspected that this was just the beginning of a big update.

Season 7 introduced a new character, the Lord of Ice, who covered the entire map with snow during the Ice Storm event. There are also new enemies – ice monsters.

Season 3 Meteor Shower

Season 3 meteor shower

Long ago, back in season 3, a meteor was seen in the sky. A few days later, telescopes appeared in the game, with the help of which players began to observe celestial bodies. And in the following weeks, even more interesting things were added to the game. At the end of Season 3, meteors began to fall to the ground.

They changed the structure of the map, for example – they destroyed one of the Falling Towers. But the biggest change is the destruction of Dusty Depot, leaving Dust Turf.

Monster vs Mech

Monster vs Mech

In Season 9, Polar Peak Castle disappeared. Not long before this, players noticed a crack in the ice. The locals began to collect Mechs to fight the monster.

When he returned (with the Polar Lance on his back), the Mech was ready. The fans loved the epic battle between them. In the end, Mech defeated the monster, saved the island, and flew away.



Season 4 saw the first in-game event-event. Inside the meteor from the previous season, there was an Alien character. He used a rocket to escape the island.

However, the Alien lost control and began flying all over the map, flying into cracks and flying out of them. The rocket ended up flying through a heavenly crack that did not disappear for some time, and also became an important element of the Fortnite storyline.

Butterfly In Another Dimension

Another Dimension

As mentioned above, Kevin’s cube sank in the lake, but his story did not end there. A few days later, Kevin surfaced along with the land at the bottom of Lake Loot. In other words, Kevin turned the lake into a flying island, capable of flying over the places where Kevin had already been in the previous season. After that, Kevin returned to Loot Lake and split.

After destroying it, players found themselves in a strange, bright dimension for the first time. First, the rift took the shape of a butterfly and sat on the player’s finger. And upon returning to the island, Lake Lut became a Vile pond.

Thanos Joins The Fight

Thanos Joins The Fight

Fortnite is very famous for collaborative projects. Considering in-game gigs and crossovers with popular franchises, it’s no surprise that Epic Games and Marvel have started collaborating. Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet was added to the game to promote the Infinity War. Putting on a glove, players turned into Thanos – the most powerful character in the game. While this crossover has nothing to do with the Fortnite storyline, the event has had a big impact on the battle royale gameplay.

Both companies hosted the event again, this time to promote the Final. A mode has been added that allows players to choose between two teams – Thanos or the Avengers – and use the weapons of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Volcano That Destroyed The Falling Towers

Falling Towers

In almost all Fortnite matches, players have landed on the Falling Towers, and as such, many believed that Epic Games would leave this famous location almost untouched. That all changed at the end of Season 8, during the “Unvaulting” event. Players have the opportunity to return one of the six cut weapons in another dimension. The players decided to restore the drum cannon.

Returning to the island, players witnessed the destruction of the Falling Towers by a volcano. They were replaced by New Towers, a futuristic city that appeared in Season 9.

Midas Car

Midas Car

Fortnite’s biggest mystery has to do with the Aggregate event. Midas created a machine to fight the storm. During this, the Agency exploded, and gravity also decreased, as a result of which the players began to float in the air. Midas’s car drove away from the storm but caused a tsunami. The video showed a mysterious man talking to someone on the phone about the storm.

Fans were shocked when this person turned out to be Jonesy, who was surprised to see the players appear. These events are still a mystery, although the storm has returned.

The Beginning Is The End

The Beginning Is The End

Season X – the final season of Fortnite Chapter 1 – has had a lot of time travel. Players faced parallel universes and timelines. As a result, old locations disappeared from the game, and important characters and items returned to please fans. For example, an Alien with six alternate versions of himself built a rocket again from Season 4.

In the epic Real-Time End event, a black hole destroyed the Season 1 map, making the game unplayable until Chapter 2 was released.

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