Best Skins For Steam

The best themes to transform your client into something beautiful.

Tired of the dull Steam interface? It’s time to refresh your game library with new colors, fonts, and better layouts! Themes can be easily installed and switched using the drop-down menu, and if you really get tired of them, they can be turned off in no time.

Let’s first go through the installation process and then get to pick your favorite themes.

How to install a theme for the Steam client:

  • Download theme files.
  • Unpack them and put them in the skins folder in the Steam directory: C: \\ Program Files \\ Steam \\ Skins.
  • In the Steam settings, go to the Interface section.
  • Choose a theme you like from the menu.
  • We restart the client.
  • We enjoy it because the world has become a little more beautiful.

Voila. Steam allows you to install several themes at once, so feel free to download, then test it, take a closer look.

The main judge, of course, will be your own taste, but we took the liberty of selecting a few of the most elegant designs, in which, at the same time, the client’s functions are displayed in the most advantageous way. We recommend paying attention to the favorites of the list: Metro and Air. And if you want to squeeze even more out of the client, check out my article on four of the best Steam optimization utilities.



Dark, sleek, it also makes the client more compact. Provides quick access to the download page and the list of friends, in the game itself is displayed in a translucent overlay. Metro is configurable up to certain limits, for this you can use a browser utility. You can change the color accents, font and some icons. The file with the saved settings is downloaded directly to the theme folder.



Not as flexible as Metro, Air is more elegant and spacious. Its creator “used the language of Google’s Material Design to bring beauty and logic to minimalism.” Get ready for crisp lines and discreet splashes of aquamarine in the toolbar and overlay. By default, Air starts up in its “light” guise, where the library has a white background, but you can also download a dark version.

Do not forget to install the necessary Roboto font for the theme, which can be found in the Air-for-Steam-2016-0417 \\ + Extras \\ Fonts folder. Just right click on the files and select install.



This theme lacks the flavor of the two previously mentioned, but Pressure2 takes on its exceptional convenience. Clean fonts, good spacing, and a nice black-and-orange-on-white palette make it easy to find your game in your library. The aesthetics of the topic touched every page of the client, even the chat windows look great. A solid, well-thought-out piece with a professional approach.



Not the clearest and sharpest sample in the collection, but she is loved not for this, but for the color: soft dark blue background, here and there on the panel diluted with beautiful smoky strands. Plexed isn’t quite as user-friendly as the previous themes, and the back and forward arrows in the panel are quite deliberately highlighted, but if you want to add a little color to your Steam client, it will work for you.



The theme is no longer supported but still works. The “metallic” look, coupled with a wall of translucent hexagons in the overlay, looks pretty despite the outdated fonts. A crisp, serious look in the same vein as Metro with Air, but with a subtle blue tint, which gives the theme more solidity.

Old Flat Green

Old flat green

With this theme, one can feel nostalgic about the days when Steam was still young. The low-contrast gray-green background and the old-fashioned tabbed bar remind you of the look and feel of programs that existed before interface design began to change under the influence of mobile devices.

Minimal Steam UI V3

Minimal Steam UI V3

In general, this space was reserved for a theme called Compact, but compatibility issues made the choice for us in favor of Minimal Steam UI V3. All those huge strips of emptiness, scattered here and there, disappear in it, and make it … more compact. The brushed metal textures look great, especially in chat windows, and the interface is efficient and orderly rather than confusing. The product is quite modest in appearance, but a good alternative to much more bulky counterparts like Air.

Create Your Theme

Create your theme

Website Steam Customiser allows you to quickly rivet your own skin for Steam. You can specify different colors for each customer item and even stick Gabe Newell’s face to the navigation bar. This is your chance to create something great or, as I did, to commit a crime against the laws of interface design.

Please note that to work you will need to register on the site, and before installing the theme, you will have to install a special program. However, this is the fastest way to paint a client in the colors of a flaming rainbow, which you have probably always dreamed of.

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