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Over the past ten years, Steam has come a long way from “DRM for Half-Life 2” to the unofficial leader of the most popular gaming platform. For many gamers, it has become an indispensable way to interact with their library of PC games and communicates with friends, but even with such a notable growth from intrusive software to indispensable, Steam has failed to get rid of many problems. Fortunately, PC players will always find a way out.

Here, I’ve compiled some of the best ways to get the most out of your Steam client, from managing massive data transfers to making it easy with ever-expanding libraries.

Data Management

If you’ve decided to build a new PC and want to save time by re-downloading your entire Steam library, you should learn how to back up your games. Steam has a built-in utility specifically for this, but it is inconvenient and does not work faster than a snail. The fastest and easiest way to back up your games – free Steam Mover… The simplest utility that in one click moves games from one specified Steam folder to another.

The coolest feature of Steam Mover: transfer the game from HDD to SDD, which significantly reduces loading time during the game. When you get bored with it, move it back. With games larger than 30GB, the time savings are incredible. Here’s how to use the program:

First, you need to find both Steam libraries between which transfers will be carried out, and make sure that they are entered in the appropriate fields. Then click on the game you want to transfer – the arrow below will become active. Click on it and wait for the transfer to end. Lighter than easy.

Library Management

SteamSpy, a website that collects data to display statistics, claims that there are only eleven games on the average Steam account. Problems arise when trying to wade through a catalog of more than half a thousand titles in search of one particular game. It is possible to add your own tags to each game, but this process requires at least four clicks. Multiply that by the number of games in your library and … not happy, right? Praise heaven there is a Depressurizerwoollens your library and speeds up the labeling process.

Download and unpack, launch the application. It will try to find Steam in the directories it expects, but it may not. Make sure to indicate its exact location. The Depressurizer will scan your library and display an ordered list.

The easiest way to assign a category is to click on the Tools dropdown menu, then Auto-Cat All and By Genre. The program imports information from Steam, creating genre categories in the library and assigning them to each game. You can add your own categories or move games from one to another if you are not happy with the result of the automatic process. If you are happy with everything, click File and then Save Profile. For these categories to appear on Steam, the client may need to restart.

After configuring the library, you can play around with its appearance. A couple of ways to do this are built into Steam itself, but they are easy to overlook. In just a couple of clicks, you can add some polish or simply change the display format of the library.

Visual Chips

There is more than one way to reskin Steam. A little known feature that completely changes the look and feel of the client, reminiscent of the golden years of Winamp. If you’re too lazy to search for yourself, I’ve already compiled a list of the best Steam skins I could find. Replacement instructions are there.

Do you want to plunge into creative ecstasy? Steam Customizer at your service, a simple tool that lets you choose a color palette and pattern to create your own skin. In the hands of a talented person, the program can work wonders – for example, here is such a design on the theme of Minecraft.

Visual chips

If you have plenty of time and the desire for self-expression knows no bounds, check out the Ciuvaz user guide. Attention, it has one hundred and one pages! Scrolling through it, I saw my future, past, and the whole time-space. Plus some anime. Good luck to you.


Whenever you install a new game from Steam, it will first install all the programs necessary for it to work. That is, each game is accompanied by a bunch of installation files, which by themselves do not take up much space, but if you have twenty or more games, then this is already noticeable. Steam Cleaner scans those files (as well as GoG, Origin, and Uplay) and deletes them if they are not needed.

Just download and run the application, it automatically searches for similar files. To delete, click on the trash can.

Minor settings

Displaying The URL Bar

In the Steam Settings in the drop-down menu of the same name, there are a couple of useful gizmos that can save you from headaches. The first is the URL bar, which is hidden by default. To minimize the design, Steam hides links in the store, community, and profile. It happens that you need to share a specific link with a friend so as not to force him to rummage through directories, and the included URL bar helps a lot with this. Copy, paste, relax. To do this, you just need to enable the corresponding checkbox in the Interface.

Download While Playing

By default, Steam stops all ongoing downloads as soon as you start the game. This makes sense if you’re playing something competitive online where low ping is a priority. But what if you’re a lone wolf with a powerful computer? Why stop pumping when you’re tending corn in Stardew Valley? Check the box on the Download settings page.

Change Home Page

By default, this is, which is only useful if you are constantly looking for something on the Internet using the Steam client. But what if you want to stay up to date with the latest news? Then set your home page to or your favorite forum. If you are a fanatic of the Steam platform: feel free to put in the address of the steam. tools home page and enjoy an endless wall of emojis sorted by color, brightness, price, and more. Any whim of your choice, just types the link you want into the line.

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