Metal Family – A Cartoon About Metalle From Metal Artists

Metal Family is a small domestic animated series about the Metalist family, filmed with sheer enthusiasm and love for animation. And, believe me, despite the cheap artwork and the lack of expensive special effects, this cartoon with a budget for a bottle of beer and 0 sponsorship cents will surprise you. This series is an ode to family and love of rock. This is a series, the creators of which put their soul into their creation. This is a series that is not afraid to talk about difficult topics. What? Haven’t you watched it on the  project’s official YouTube channel yet  ? Well, then go to our bar at Stop Game Ru, ask the Bartender for a pint of beer and LET’S DRIVE!


Mom and Dad of this project: Alina Kovaleva and Dmitry (aka Fyodor Kuzmich / Xydownik). Working together at Red MEDUSA, they came up with the idea of ​​a cartoon about a metalworking family, which they bring to life. According to the authors, even before the start of the creation of the series, they already had a main storyline and a clear ending. Somewhere from the middle of the season, a sound engineer joined the team, who helps the guys edit the sound. In the course of the series, you can see how the guys got their hands on and improved their drawing – the amount of detail in the last episodes is incomparably greater than in the first.

The story of this project sounds very idealistic: two artists create a cartoon of their dreams – without a budget and without sponsors, because sponsorship means control, clear lines and possible censorship. The cartoon is laid out on YouTube, but even this does not make the creators – monetization goes into the pocket of the copyright holders of the music that sounds in each episode. Alina and Dmitry do not want to depend on someone so much that they did not even start a patreon or a kickstarter, because according to them, this is also to a certain extent obligations.

The project is non-commercial and no one stands above us and does not threaten with censorship. In general, the absence of a sponsor as such was a deliberate decision. We did not seek and do not seek to find this sponsor, as we want complete creative freedom. It is long and difficult to completely pull on the animated series. But for this project it is better this way than driving yourself into time frames and censorship.

The Plot and Main Characters

Despite the fact that the series is very often compared to “Metalocalypse”, these projects have in common only the theme of “Metal”, and that’s all. The main and main theme of “Metal Family” is family (Badam pumz!). From the first to the last episode, we are told about one specific cell of society, each member of the family is shown and revealed. Glam, father of a family with charming manners, Victoria, his wife, a hardened biker and a regular at the drunken bar fights. Dee and Heavy, two brothers, each of whom inherited certain traits from one of the parents. Believe me, the series is so thoughtful and qualitatively introduces these characters that some projects of  KHEM Ray  for the lamas of  KHEM Skywalker Dolar  cannot compete with him.

Most of all, the structuredness of this action is captivating – they do not start dumping “difficult problems of adolescents” or “wise thoughts and life of adults” on us from the first minutes, we are gradually and very cleverly told about this or that character exactly when it is needed. The creators have repeatedly said that even before they started drawing the animation, they had a global plan – what this story would be about, how and in what sequence it would be told. And this is noticeable.

We have scripts ready until the very end of the series! Well, like scripts. The main storyline of the narrative and a clear ending of the series. Some series will be added, details will be worked out, but our backbone is iron.

The plot and main characters


As I mentioned, there are tons of great, well-known, classic-sounding tracks on the show, and that’s great. The series is inspired by metal, and it carries the love of the authors for this genre. Separately, I will say about, in fact, the main track of the entire season – We`re not gonna take it from Twisted Sisters. This track became one of the inspiration for the series, as did the personality of the lead singer Dee Snyder – after all, one of the characters is literally called (drum roll) Glam!

As for the rest of the sound, it does not represent anything special, it is made with dignity, of sufficient quality. From curious facts, we can add that in order to voice Victoria, Alina has to deliberately rip off her voice so that a hoarseness appears in her voice. Everytime. Needless to say, how much the creators love their creation?

Curious Fuckt  – for the last episode of the season, the guys held a competition in their VKontakte group. Viewers could submit their own guitar solos, the best of which will be included in the last episode. The contest was won by a Chilean fan of the series under the nickname “Diablo XIII”, and you can hear his music in the final episode of the series, as well as his nickname in the credits.


She is. And it’s done as well as a YouTube show without a budget might look. The drawing, although it consists of simple lines and does not shine with the number of objects in the frame, is done with painstaking attention to small details and maintains its style from the first to the last series.

Each character moves in his own way, sits in his own way, has habits and his own gestures. The authors have been engaged in animation for several years, and this is noticeable. In terms of the amount of detail, the latest episodes can successfully compete with the big TV animated series. And when did not the best picture get in the way of enjoying a great story? (Yes BoJack I’m looking at you)



The creators have repeatedly said in their interviews that they are doing the cartoon primarily “for the soul.” That is why they do everything exclusively on their own, without trying to enlist the support of fans, or even more so, some kind of sponsor or TV channel. What is most striking is that with all this, the series has already received a full, completed first season. And it will continue. Who do I recommend it to? That to everyone, probably. Yes, it’s not perfect, but the clarity of the plot and the spelling of the characters deserves your attention.

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