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The best you can run in Dreams, from original creations to amazingly detailed simulations.

Once you start trying out the best Dreams levels, you can get lost for a long time in the endless sea of ​​user-generated content. The scope of the creators’ imagination is amazing: these are full-fledged games, and music videos, and works of art, and various kinds of remakes, the authors of which have tried with great diligence to convey the spirit of the original. Here everyone will find something exciting for themselves: both the author of levels, greedy for new ideas and a simple layman looking for something interesting to play.

Dreams offer an arsenal of options for players to unleash their creativity, and fans from all over the world have already put it to good use, creating truly gorgeous creations. In all fairness, Dreams has so many beautiful levels that it can sometimes be difficult to decide which ones to focus on first. Fortunately, now it will be easier to do this: diving into this sea of ​​content, we have fished out for you 10 levels that can be safely attributed to the best of the best.

Each of the mentioned levels in this collection can be found by entering its name in the search within the game.

Impressive Platformer Where You Can Control Time

where you can control time

Splatty’s Adventure is one of the most impressive games available in Dreams right now. Compared to other platformers in Dreams, everything is worked out especially clearly here: the animation of the character’s attack, his movement, abilities. A hero named Splatti can effortlessly run along walls, jump on platforms, attack enemies with his brush, and even manipulate time by slowing it down or rewinding it.

At each level, these abilities will have to be applied in order to achieve the ultimate goal – not in every home-made game in Dreams you will see this. There are a lot of interesting things here, so we strongly recommend that you try, at least then, to see for yourself how wide you can expand in Dreams if you have enough ideas.

Mix of F-Zero and Wipeout

Mix of F-Zero and Wipeout

In his action-packed racing game FARR League: Testing Track 3.0, author Syntronic paid tribute to F-Zero and Wipeout. The FARR League not only offers the player a wide selection of the coolest racing cars, but also conveys the atmosphere of speed and high-octane anti-gravity racing action, which it tries to emulate. However, her most outstanding achievement was the addition of AI-controlled opponents.

These computer racers made us sweat, and therefore it was especially pleasant to take the first place. Don’t be intimidated by the look of the racetrack – it’s here for testing purposes only, and we’ll likely see a ton of positive changes in the game in the near future.

Sci-fi Shooter in Dreams

Sci-fi shooter in Dreams

If you like the idea of ​​hunting deadly aliens with a tech-driven synth-wave, then be sure to check out the demo version of the first-person shooter Prometheus FPS from the creator of rothniel. The essence of the game is simple: kill all the aliens to get to the portal on the other side of the level. Of course, this is much easier said than done. Along the way, alien life forms will constantly annoy, attacking from an ambush and trying at all costs to prevent you, so if you want to get out of this inhospitable planet alive, keep your ears open.

Fortunately, our Space Ranger is far from harmless either: a pistol, shotgun, and submachine gun will help us pave their way through alien-infested lands. Prometheus FPS is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a shooter and at the same time you are drawn to sci-fi, then this is just the place for you.

A Relaxing Game to Explore the World

In an easy and casual adventure called The Watergardens, players solve puzzles as they plunge into the serene world of the game to a calming background tune. In this game, you have to unfasten platforms using levers, get to distant places using expanding cubes, and collect cones that affect already visited areas of the map.

Jumping from island to island in search of a new puzzle is a real pleasure, and even if you do not like this type of game, you can at least appreciate the scope of the creative mind of the author – user HalfUp. And we will look forward to his new creations.

Incredible Action Platformer That You Absolutely Must Try

The Pilgrim is not only an impressive advancement in level design but also an excellent showcase for Dreams as a game creation environment. Created by creators Narvikgutten and Majoneskongen, it combines 3D action platforming with classic side-scrolling elements and top-down shooting to create a completely unique gaming experience.

Here you are climbing up the gloomy tower, trying your best not to fall into the abyss, but now you are fighting off the onslaught of carnivorous beetles under a heavy rock. Everyone will find something to their liking in this bizarre hodgepodge.

Lovely Craft in The Spirit of Treasure Tracker

Treasure Tracker

Pip Gemwalker is a colorful puzzle game in which you have to find gems hidden in each level – something quite similar was in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. As the game progresses, you will have to jump off ledges, avoid deadly lava accumulations, throw stumps at switches, and even resort to the help of your faithful companion to get those very stones.

So far, only seven levels are available, but the creator – a user with the nickname ManChickenTurtle – has laid a good foundation from which a whole series of amazing puzzles can grow.

Oh My God, Another Chance to Play PT

Another Chance to Play PT

Fans of Hideo Kojima’s canceled psychological horror PT can finally experience the horror of the demo version of this game again. Even though Konami removed PT from the Store back in 2015, it didn’t stop user lewisc729, who took and recreated the entire demo in Dreams. Everything appears here: gloomy looped corridors, a radio message about a gruesome murder of an entire family, a swaying light, Lisa’s ghost, and even an absurd-looking fetus in a shell.

This version may not look as realistic as the original on the Fox Engine, it quite manages to convey its tense atmosphere. Was anyone going to sleep today?

Stardew Valley in 3d!

Streamer Tooshi has recreated the Pelican city from Stardew Valley in Dreams, bringing this sleepy town very faithfully into a 3D world. Saloon “Star Drop”, “JojaMart” and all kinds of houses – all this was carefully done from scratch.

Walking through the 3D world of ConcernedApe’s popular farming simulator is unusual at first, but once you get used to it, you can see the local idyll from an unusual perspective. Even if you can’t enter the buildings, the level is still worth wandering around.

A Musical Wonder Inspired By Journey

If you are a fan of Thatgamecompany’s Journey and Flower, then you will definitely want to visit this mesmerizingly beautiful level. It appeared as a result of the creative union of the user under the nickname Gauffreman and the musician known under the pseudonym Piano Novel. A creation called The Missing Constellation invites players to transform into a masked musician (Piano Novel) and travel through an uninhabited wasteland, bringing to life the mysterious constellations scattered throughout the level.

Having found the next constellation, you fill it with energy, playing the keyboard instrument of the hero, which he always carries with him. The Missing Constellation is truly beautiful and leaves an experience that is better to experience in person, which is what we advise you.

A Real Fallout Game

In this game, fans of the post-apocalyptic universe from Bethesda will be able to explore the surviving nuclear apocalypse Boston, fighting off the familiar sentry bots and swamps. Fortunately, some of the real Fallout weapons are also available here, so you won’t be left with your bare hands – let your enemies know the full power of your power hammer and deadly submachine gun!

And that’s not all: Pip-Boy is available to players here, with which you can receive information about your condition, change weapons, take stimulants, and select quests. The title screen plays a classic Fallout theme, and when you navigate through the menus, the Pip-Boy characteristically crackles. The attention to detail is really amazing, and we are very interested in what else will appear here in the future.

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